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Scuba diving in: Dubrovnik


Dubrovnik, Croatia's jewel of the Adriatic, is renowned for its historical sites, stunning architecture, and crystal-clear waters. This coastal city offers divers the chance to explore an underwater world that is as rich and diverse as its above-ground attractions. From ancient shipwrecks to teeming marine habitats, Dubrovnik promises a diving experience unlike any other in the Mediterranean.

Best Spots for Experienced Divers:

Taranto Shipwreck: This World War II shipwreck is an iconic dive site in Dubrovnik. Sunk in 1943, the Taranto lies at a depth of 42 meters, making it suitable for advanced divers. The wreck is well-preserved and home to a variety of marine species.
Cave Dive in Kolocep: A short boat ride from Dubrovnik, Kolocep Island offers the chance to explore caverns and swim-throughs in the Blue Cave, which promises a magical play of light and shadows.

Best Spots for Beginners:

The Reef of Grebeni: Located near the lighthouse, Grebeni provides a shallow and vibrant dive spot, perfect for novices. Expect to see an array of fish species, octopuses, and the occasional ray.
Lokrum Island: Just off Dubrovnik's coastline, the island's shores offer easy dives, featuring rocky formations, meadows of seagrass, and numerous small caves to explore.

Marine Life:

The Adriatic Sea boasts a rich biodiversity. Divers in Dubrovnik can expect to encounter schools of sardines and anchovies, curious octopuses, and the vibrantly colored rainbow wrasse. Seahorses, nudibranchs, and even the occasional stingray can also be spotted in these waters. Vibrant soft corals and sponges coat rock formations and ancient relics, creating a picturesque underwater landscape.

Dive Conditions:

Dubrovnik offers ideal dive conditions for most of the year. The summer months, from June to August, provide the warmest water temperatures, hovering around 75°F, and the best visibility, often reaching up to 30 meters. While diving is possible year-round, the colder months might require thicker wetsuits or drysuits.


Diving in Dubrovnik is reasonably priced, aligning with other Mediterranean destinations. A typical two-tank boat dive may range from $70 to $100. Certification courses, like the Open Water Diver, can be found for between $400 and $500, inclusive of equipment rental, instruction, and certification fees.

Dubrovnik offers a blend of historical intrigue and natural beauty beneath the waves. For those who have traversed the city's ancient walls and meandered its cobblestone streets, a dive into the surrounding Adriatic provides a fresh perspective on this UNESCO World Heritage site. Whether you're a seasoned diver or just starting out, Dubrovnik's underwater wonders await.

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