Scuba diving in Mediterranean coast

Scuba diving in: Mediterranean coast


Israel’s Mediterranean coast, stretching about 190 miles from its northern tip near the border with Lebanon to the south by Gaza, is a blend of ancient history and vibrant marine life. The juxtaposition of millennia-old harbors with lively fish schools makes it a unique diving location. From vibrant coral reefs to historically significant shipwrecks, this stretch of coastline provides divers of all skill levels an unforgettable underwater experience.

Best Spots for Experienced Divers:

Caesarea Underwater Park: Dive into history in this underwater archaeological park. The remnants of King Herod’s harbor town, with its ancient breakwaters, shipwrecks, and cargo, provides an incredible diving experience.
The Yatush Wreck: Located off the coast of Herzliya, this sunken vessel lies at a depth of 25 meters and is home to a diverse marine life.

Best Spots for Beginners:

Sela Beach: Located near Tel Aviv, the gentle shores of Sela Beach provide a safe environment for novice divers to familiarize themselves with the Mediterranean’s unique marine ecosystem.
Palmachim Beach: A shallow dive spot, Palmachim is perfect for beginners looking to explore underwater rock formations teeming with marine life.

Marine Life:

The Israeli Mediterranean is rich in biodiversity. Divers can expect to see groupers, moray eels, stingrays, and cuttlefish amidst a backdrop of corals and sponges. In the deeper waters and shipwrecks, barracudas, amberjacks, and occasionally sea turtles make an appearance.

Dive Conditions:

Diving in the Mediterranean coast of Israel is possible year-round. However, the best time is from April to October when the water temperatures range between 68°F to 81°F. Visibility is generally clear, averaging between 15 to 25 meters.


A typical two-tank dive along Israel's Mediterranean coast can cost between $70 to $90. For beginners seeking certification, prices range from $400 to $550, encompassing equipment rental, training sessions, and certification. Always remember to check for additional costs, especially for specialty dives or archaeological site access.

The Mediterranean coast of Israel offers divers a unique experience, where history and marine life coexist in a harmonious underwater tableau. Whether you're exploring ancient ruins or floating among vibrant marine communities, the Mediterranean waters of Israel promise a dive filled with wonder and discovery.

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