Scuba diving in Costa Calida

Scuba diving in: Costa Calida


Costa Cálida, translating to the "Warm Coast," is located in the Murcia region of southeastern Spain. It spans approximately 250 kilometers from El Mojón in the north to Águilas in the south. Known for its warm waters, salt marshes, and a unique blend of Mediterranean and Mar Menor environments, Costa Cálida provides divers with varied and interesting underwater experiences.

Best Scuba Diving Spots for Experienced Divers

La Laja: This is a pinnacle rock formation that starts at 6 meters and descends to depths beyond 40 meters. The rock's surfaces are covered with colorful sponges, and the site is frequented by large schools of barracuda, amberjacks, and even the occasional sunfish.

Cabo de Palos Marine Reserve: Home to a vast array of marine life, this protected area offers several dive sites with caves, walls, and shipwrecks. Currents can be strong, attracting pelagic species, which makes this spot a favorite among experienced divers.

Best Scuba Diving Spots for Beginners

Islas Hormigas:
Located close to Cabo de Palos, these islands are part of a marine reserve. The shallow waters around the islands are protected from strong currents, making them ideal for beginners. Here, divers can encounter seahorses, octopuses, and various colorful reef fish.

Mar Menor:
This saltwater lagoon, separated from the Mediterranean by a 22-kilometer long sandbar, offers calm and warm waters throughout the year. Its sandy bottoms and gentle slopes are perfect for newbie divers and training sessions.

Marine Life

Costa Cálida boasts a unique blend of Mediterranean marine life due to the proximity of Mar Menor. Expect encounters with grouper, moray eels, seahorses, and wrasses. The region's seagrass beds, rocky outcrops, and sandy patches host a diverse range of macro critters, making it a treat for underwater photographers.

Dive Conditions

Thanks to the region's moniker, "Warm Coast," water temperatures in Costa Cálida are inviting, with averages ranging from 55°F in winter to 77°F in the peak of summer. Visibility is generally clear, often reaching up to 50 feet or more. While many dive spots offer calm conditions, areas like Cabo de Palos can have stronger currents, so divers should always get local advice before diving.


Diving in Costa Cálida is relatively affordable. A standard dive, inclusive of equipment rental, might range from $50 to $100. If you're aiming to get certified, beginner courses typically start from around $350 and go up to $500. This price range includes training, equipment, and dives. Many dive centers in the region offer package deals for multiple dives, ensuring good value for money.

Costa Cálida, with its unique juxtaposition of the Mediterranean and Mar Menor environments, presents a diverse and enriching diving experience. Whether you're weaving through the underwater rock formations of La Laja or gently floating in the Mar Menor lagoon, Costa Cálida promises an unforgettable underwater journey for divers of all skill levels.

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