Here at IDive we are more than just a dive center, we are a family, and when you join us here on the UAE’s beautiful East Coast, you too will become a member. Whether it is to take your first plunge into the incredible underwater world, or to advance your diving skills to new levels –you can be sure that your time with us will leave you with lasting memories and friends for life.

Our work is our passion – every member of our professional, talented and experienced team all strive towards a common goal – to provide exceptional diving, snorkeling and cruise experiences on the UAE’s beautiful east coast. With customer satisfaction at the heart of what we do, we ensure that every experience is met with passion, professionalism and of course plenty of fun.

We strive to stand out from the rest with both the quality and the variety of services we offer – providing our customers with the most technically-secure equipment, and highest level of instruction and guidance. For scuba divers, we aim to cater for every level of diver and diving interest, offering a diverse range of courses from recreational to pro, specialty to TEC, as well as offering a wider selection of dive sites to explore.
In addition to diver training, we also offer guided dives, where we explore all the underwater adventures that Fujairah has to offer.
If you are an instructor, dive club, or friendship group - we can offer our facilities and help with logistics, equipment and whatever else you need.
Take some time to explore our website, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Who we are?
At IDive, we like to think we are more of a family than just a dive center – we are based on the UAE’s stunning east coast, in Dibba Fujairah, home to the UAE’s first marine-protected reserve and some of the most vibrant underwater scenery that the UAE has to offer. The center was founded by Mohamed Samir, who wanted to share his passion for scuba diving with people from all over the world. Hailing from Egypt, which is famous for its world-class diving, Samir’s passion lead him to pursue a career teaching scuba diving. With years of experience as both an instructor and a manager of a top-tier PADI Dive Center, Samir learned what it takes to cater to every level and type of diver. It is this desire to cater for a wider-range of diving interests that lead to the founding of IDive.
At IDive, we know that everyone dives for a different reason, and we aim to cater to them all
“I Dive to explore”, “I Dive to learn”, “I Dive to Discover”……”I Dive for the Ultimate Adventure”
So from the moment you enter our dive center, you will sense the friendly and welcoming environment. Our team of passionate professionals are ready to share their love of Fujairah’s underwater world with you, with an infectious spirit and endless enthusiasm.
Whether recreational or technical, at iDIVE we promote fun, but most importantly safe and responsible diving, with the highest level of education, ensuring our students are always ready for their next adventure beneath the waves.

Core Value
-          I Dive caters for All Experience Levels (Beginners/Advanced/Professional)
-          I Dive provides the latest scuba diving equipment for rental
-          I Dive Team are experts in the region, able to guide all east coast dive sites
-          I Dive teaches all levels of scuba diving and some technical (TEC) levels
-          I Dive focuses on safety and comfort  - dive boats and experience
-          I Dive focuses on customer satisfaction  

·         Provide exceptional diving, snorkeling and cruising experiences
-          Explore and locate, or create new diving sites in the region
-          To teach and graduate more divers, increasing the number of passionate ocean advocates in the world who can promote marine conservation

-          Staff and owner are working together as a family, always ensuring a warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere.
-          To help others to unleash their passion for the marine-world by participating in safe diving adventures
-          Protect 70% of the earth for our future generations by inspiring passion for marine-conservation through scuba diving.

What makes us out of competition?
At iDIVE we believe in team power. Our instructors are enthusiastic teachers that share, not only their knowledge, but also their personal experiences with scuba diving. Our supporting staff will help you explore the east coast of the UAE by arranging the trips you desire and providing you with all you need.

-          Unique diving boat – suits all levels of divers / snorkelers
-          The latest version of Scuba diving equipment to provide the best safety and proper diving
-          Professional, certified and expert and supportive and well managed staff to provide you all the satisfaction you need during your trip
-          Public liability insurance covers up to 1.500.000$ combined limit for bodily injury and property damage per occurrence with a double annual aggregate limit.
-          We are the only company in UAE to do Private Charter trips to choose the dive sites you like to visit with your family, friends to be more secured and safe during Covid19
-          The flexibility during teaching diving courses with timing and dates and creating packages suits your needs with affordable prices.

Why choose us?
-          If you are snorkeler we know where the most suitable sites are to give you the best experience.
-          If you want try diving, we know how to make it so easy and comfortable and fun to explore the underwater world for your first or second time
-          If you are certified diver, we know how to accommodate different levels of divers with different experience
-          If you are looking for learning how to dive, our instructors will provide you all the support and flexibility to achieve your dream
-          If you are looking for continue education and explore more adventure dives and more certifications , our instructors can guide you with their experience on how to achieve your dream and make it happen

iDIVE boat
Our boat is designed by divers for divers and provides everything you need for the ultimate adventure.
Our custom dive boat (iDIVE |) features an indoor dive deck, complete with dive tank racks and spacious equipment storage. The large space and design (with divers in mind) allows for easy setup of equipment, donning, buddy checks and storage – all within the comfort of the shade. Easy access to the sea is granted by the large dive platform, where ladders allow for ease of entry to, and exit from the water. Fresh water showers are also available for rinsing off after a dive or a swim.
Tea and coffee making facilities, drinking water and soft drinks are provided on board. The indoor area is perfect for avoiding chill on windy days, and for storing your bag to keep dry.
A Marine toilet is onboard, equipped with fresh water showers.
Our custom dive boat can also be hired for private charter, to allow larger groups, such as diving schools or clubs, to enjoy our trips and services. Charters are limited to 12 participants per trip – this number ensures both individual comfort, and that we are able to maintain the high standard of service that is at the heart of our business.

Safety First:
All of our boats are equipped with 100% Oxygen, First Aid kit, Emergency Assistance Plans, Floatation rings, life jackets and marine radios. Our crew and guides also carry mobile phones for direct contact with the diving center and local emergency services. Nitrox Analyzers are brought on board everyday as well as log sheets for dives to keep a record of our daily activities. We also provide a full spare set of diving equipment on board.

We have perfected boat diving here at iDIVE by hand picking the most experienced captains and their crews, creating a diving environment that caters for the needs of everyone who joins us onboard.

What makes our equipment unique?
When you dive with us, we can provide you a full set of scuba gear, or just certain items that you require. IDIVE predominantly use the latest version of diving equipment, and we are proud of our high maintenance and safety standards.

You’re more than welcome to dive with your own equipment and useour cylinders, which fit both yoke and Din regulators. Side-mount tanks are also available on request (advanced booking is required).

Below you can read more information about our rental gear:

Regulators Halcyon
The H-50D is a high performance diaphragm design that is fully sealed and purpose-built for harsh conditions, such as  ice or environmentally contaminated environments. Diaphragm first stages are historically popular with cold water divers, and the H-50D was engineered for extreme conditions. Go dive extraordinary places with your H-50D, and be confident that you have a rugged regulator that will meet all your demands.

Balanced, environmentally sealed diaphragms provide better performance in cold water than any other diaphragm regulator, while supplying consistent performance at varying tank pressures and depths. You will enjoy smooth, easy breathing throughout your dive. The dry, balance chamber diaphragm design prevents the entry of water into the first stage mechanism and enhances a trouble-free operation. This is true even in the coldest conditions.

Two opposing high pressure ports allow you to choose where to route your SPG and allows the use of accessories. Most Halcyon divers route their pressure gauge to the left, but the Halcyon H-50D allows flexibility with any configuration you choose. These options provide freedom to support personalized and advanced hose routing configurations.

Four low pressure ports allow you to customize your hose routing for comfort and convenience. The H-50D features four stationary low pressure ports, with high flow options, ensuring the best air delivery with up to 15% more air than other LP ports. For maximum freedom, try the H-75P with its 360 degree swivel turret.

Aura second stage regulators provide a simple, compact design that makes breathing under water feel completely natural. This high-quality second stage delivers air in a smooth, dependable fashion. Halcyon’s Aura second stage comes with a single adjustment control and a pre-set inhalation effort that suits most common diving situations. This feature makes it a common selection as a backup regulator. The Aura is an ideal regulator for divers who want a simple, ready-to-dive regulator. It is also a common choice for training systems and rental units.

Classic downstream valve style regulators have an impressive safety record, and are commonly accepted as an extremely reliable design. Part of their reliability is because the downstream valve opens in the same direction as the incoming airflow, and a spring counteracts the force of the incoming air. In this design, a small inhalation is required to overcome the spring tension and to open the valve. This spring pressure is adjusted at the factory and allows easy breathing and consistent performance. Your authorized Halcyon Service Technician can make any desired adjustments.

Air Control Vane (ACV) offers a second diver adjustment for the ability to fine-tune breathing. The ACV uses vacuum-assist technology to reduce work of breathing and increase diver comfort. This level of refinement is available on all Halcyon second stages. ACV in “dive” position gives powerful breathing support, while ACV in “Halcyon” position helps prevent free flows. This can be helpful on the surface, when diving in currents, while scootering, or when the Aura is used as a backup regulator.

BCD (Donut style)
These are complete single tank BCDs with hydro-dynamic doughnut style air cells. They have a narrow frontal profile to really improve streamlining in the water when in swimming position. The minimalistic harness also give more chest room for easier access to attachments and better maneuverability underwater.

Safari Ultra-Light fin brings the most comfortable, handily moreover with powerful thrust performance.

Designs in one piece injection, prevent breakable connection on blade or food pocket. Using the particular combine formula TPR, brings the most powerful thrust with just a slightly force. XS/S size in different stiffness is considering for easier and more comfortable with less power from Ladys.

The lightest weight of less than 2kgs in easiest carry. Nevertheless the streamlined outline, grip bottom, and soften foot pocket that the Safari being every divers affection.

-          Full body suit:
·         3mm high-grade neoprene with double blind stitching.
·         Super-stretch fabric at armpits for greater movements.
·         5 zippers at ankles for easier donning and doffing.

-          Shorty Suits:
·         Made from PURiGUARD anti-bacterial fabric.
·         3mm Nylon II neoprene construction for stretch, flexibility and insulation Super stretch panels at armpit and lower back increase range of motion
·         Stylish blue-black double flat-lock stitching
·         Special printing technique on shoulders and chest areas offers extra durability in areas prone to high wear when worn with a BCD
·         Multi-panel, form-fitting construction for comfort and mobility

-          Kids suits:
·         3mm Nylon II neoprene with super stretch panels at armpits, crotch and back of knee for maximum stretch and flexibility
·         Made from PURiGUARD anti-bacterial fabric.
·         Multi-panel construction for a snug fit, flat lock stitching throughout to reduce seam irritation
·         Front chest zipper, plus zips at wrist and ankle prevent flushing
·         Knee pads prevent scuffs and rips
·         Front zipper for easy donning and doffing

The Luxfer 80 cubic foot compact scuba tank is engineered to maintain slightly negative buoyancy underwater...even when empty.  Every Luxfer cylinder is produced from high strength aluminum alloy 6061-T6. All seamless aluminum alloy compressed gas cylinders are manufactured in accordance with U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) 3AL and Transport Canada (TC) 3ALM requirements. 

Luxfer 80 (Compact)Specifications:

·         Max fill pressure: 3300 PSI  / 228 Bar
·         Capacity: 80 Cubic Feet  / 11.1 Liters
·         Length:  25.5 inches / 648 millimeters
·         Diameter:  7.25inches / 184.2 millimeters
·         Weight (empty):  34.7 pounds / 15.7 kilograms
·         Buoyancy:
·         Full:  -5.8 pounds / -2.63 kilograms
·         Empty 0.0 pounds / 0.0 kilograms













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