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About Surface Interval

What are the best places in the world to go scuba diving? The best way to find out is by hearing other scuba divers’ opinions. And this is exactly what Surface Interval is for!

Reviewing dive operators

The possibility to review dive operators worldwide (dive shops/schools, liveaboards or dive resorts) decreases your chances to choose the wrong operator. Do they use new equipment, safe dive boats, small diving groups and do they care about conservancy? Important things to know before choosing your scuba diving operator, right?

Getting inspired

When you read what other scuba divers have experienced while diving, it easy to get inspired and plan your next trip.

You can help other divers by reviewing scuba diving operators; share you favorite dive sites, what marine life you saw (and didn't) and if the night dive was worth it.

Why Surface Interval?

When people go scuba diving for the first time most of them say that a whole new world opens to them. We are convinced that the more people we can convince to start scuba diving, the more people care about what's under the surface. They will be more aware about the plastic they use, the things they throw away etc.

When we can make it is easy to find a dive operator that chooses to care about the environment, people will chose those businesses. Surface Interval strives to become that source of information, the only website you'll need while on a surface interval :).