Scuba diving in Bajan Queen Shipwreck

Scuba diving in: Bajan Queen Shipwreck


Scuba diving in the Bajan Queen Shipwreck in Barbados

Scuba diving in the Bajan Queen Shipwreck is an exciting experience that offers a glimpse into the island's rich maritime history. The Bajan Queen was sunk intentionally as an artificial reef in 2002, and has since become a popular site for scuba diving.

Best scuba diving spots for experienced divers:
The Bajan Queen Shipwreck is a popular site for experienced divers. The wreck sits at a depth of around 70 feet, and divers can explore the deck, the engine room, and the cargo hold. Another popular spot for experienced divers is Carlisle Bay, which is home to several shipwrecks and offers the opportunity to see a variety of marine life.

Best scuba diving spots for beginners:
For beginners, the nearby Folkstone Marine Park offers a more gentle introduction to scuba diving. The park has several easy-to-access dive sites, and divers can expect to see a variety of colorful marine life, including sea turtles, rays, and tropical fish.

Marine life:
The Bajan Queen Shipwreck is home to a variety of marine life, including schools of tropical fish, moray eels, and octopus. Divers may also see barracuda and nurse sharks in the area.

Dive conditions:
The water temperature in Barbados averages around 80°F, and visibility is typically good, ranging from 50-100 feet. Currents can be strong around the shipwreck, so it is important to check conditions before diving.

The cost of scuba diving in Barbados varies depending on the dive operator and the specific dive site. Expect to pay around $80-$100 for a single tank dive.

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